I’m Allie and I started My Clean Cosmetics because I want to help women make the switch to effective, toxin free cosmetics more easily without having to compromise on the quality.


I have 12 years experience in the cosmetics industry, working for some of the world’s biggest luxury makeup, skincare and fragrance brands.


Over 4 years ago my husband and I decided we wanted to have children, but it wasn’t as straight forward as we had hoped.  So not wanting to leave any stones unturned we went down a long journey and as part of it…..


We changed everything…..


What we ate, drank, cleaning products we used and because of my industry background I was particularly interested in the cosmetics. After a lot of research I realised just how harmful some of the VERY common ingredients we use everyday can be for our health. Many products contain all sorts of things that are known to be linked to cancer, thyroid dysfunction, infertility, skin conditions and more.


Over the past 5 years thanks to the explosion of the global wellness trend there are lots of new makeup and skincare brands on the market positioning themselves as natural.


How do we know which ones to choose? What can we trust? Which ones actually work?


My Clean Cosmetics aims to help women who want to change to more natural, toxin free cosmetics but who also do not want to compromise on the effectiveness of the products.


So I do the research, give you the low-down and invite experts to comment so that you can be confident enough to give up the famous brands you know and love for new, small but extremely passionate ethical brands who you will want to tell all your friends about so they too can make the switch!


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send me an email as I would love to hear your story – why are you making the switch?