Affiliate disclosure

I started this blog with the aim of helping women like me find better products for them and their families.

When I first decided to switch my cosmetics, I found it very difficult to know what products to buy – if they were really clean or was it just green washing! I spent hours researching ingredients lists & that was just to see if the ingredients were clean…I then had to find products that were actually effective!

As part of this journey I have now found some amazing products and I want to share them with you!

When I was originally researching it was very frustrating when I couldn’t find where to buy the product that was recommended. I live in Hong Kong but have friends and family in all four corners of the globe so where possible I want to give different options of where to buy products depending on your geographical location.

I hope this will make life easier for my readers and also possibly earn me a bit of commission. If you go to a website I have linked to and buy the product I have suggested I will receive a small percentage of that sale in commission.

So I have signed up to a few affiliate agreements to use on this basis.

To emphasise I am only recommending products that I personally think are fabulous and that work well. All the opinions on this blog are completely my own. I would never change an opinion, or a review based on commission.

If you have any questions send me an email on I would love to hear from you.