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This week has been hectic. I just got back from spending 4 days in Shanghai. It was my first time away from the little one and the anticipation of going was definitely worse than the reality. She was absolutely fine – didn’t really even want to speak to me on Skype – way to busy running around the flat!

I enjoyed the freedom although I still caught myself noticing if a restaurant had high chairs or not! But I could lie in bed for that little bit longer although I didn’t really – old habits die hard. I could get ready without someone demanding to be picked up constantly which was quite peaceful!

Anyway when I got home I decided I would be better at multi-tasking. It’s actually something I actively try not to do because I am constantly working on being more present and multi tasking is the anthesis of this. However, when it comes to giving the little one breakfast I think I can manage to do a face mask at the same time…serious multi tasking skills being put into practice!

Part of the motivation to do this is Beauty Heroes subscription box. I have been doing it for a fair few months now and I absolutely love discovering new products each month but I also need to make sure I use them!

So Beauty heroes…..

The story behind beauty heroes


First of all I love their mission: Beauty you can trust delivered one Hero product at a time.

Honestly beauty is about hero products not really about brands. Finding that perfect cream from one brand and a cleanser from another is how more of us are shopping these days. I certainly want to find the best of each type of item and also have different price point sensitivity too – I am not going to spend as much on something I wash off than something I leave on overnight for example. My post on clean beauty on a budget is a good example of some great products with relatively small price points.

The founder: Jeannie Jarnotjeannie-jarnot

I am yet to meet Jeannie in person but I have listened to her on podcasts and think she is fantastic. A real advocate for clean beauty. Her story resonates with mine as her clean beauty journey started with PCOS and infertility. She has a strong foundation in the Beauty industry having been a spa director before starting Beauty heroes.

The curated approach: Use less, love more & project blue beauty

The real focus on research, ethical sourcing, ingredient purity and unparalleled quality makes Beauty Heroes extremely well trusted. Jeannie only chooses products she really loves and who’s founders are trying to do something really different that isn’t already on the market.

Project blue beauty is really taking sustainability and caring for the environment to the next level. As she says the focus has shifted from “being green” to “going blue”. The idea of going blue is showcasing brands who are taking green initiatives to the next level. They are making intentional choices to positively impact the planet, community, business and people. Do check out more details and which brands Jeannie sees as going blue here: Beauty Heroes Project Blue Beauty.

So because of all this I decided to sign up and give it a try. You don’t get told what you are getting before it arrives so that is always

Month 1: Honua Skincare


The brand & the founder

My first month I was introduced to Honua Skincare. They are a Hawaiian based skincare brand. The founder is Kapua Browning, she is a mother of four and the wife of a traditional Hawaiian medicine man – you can hear from her directly here. She started a brand because of her passion for clean beauty but she coupled this with a desire to support Hawaii’s local farmers, share the potency and benefits of native Hawaiian botanicals and spread the aloha spirit worldwide.

The Products – Sun protection day cream and maskHonua-skincare

The hero is Malu, a day cream with SPF 30 and the sidekick is a clay mask.

Malu – means protection in Hawaiian and it is the name for Honua Skincare’s sheer, lightweight physical sunscreen that doesn’t harm the reefs or you. The key ingredients are Aloe, Jasmine, Noni, Laukahi (Hawaiian Plantain) & Non-Nano Zinc for the sun protection. This product is fantastic. It is light and goes it really easy – I use it on its own but also under makeup, thin & definitely not sticky – absolutely no white face syndrome with this product.

Moana is the mask – has 3 types of clay. Clay is very good for oily and acne-prone skin. A clay mask can “soak” up excess sebum and clean out any clogged pores from the resulting excess oil. This mask also has a blend of sustainably harvested Hawaiian sandalwood, neroli and Bulgarian rose hydrosols offers deeply hydrating benefits and a delicious scent.

Verdict: The day cream is a firm favourite now – I am already restocking. Beautysaur in causeway bay have it and Beauty Heroes ship globally.

Month 2: True Botanicals

The brand – getting to the bottom of non-toxic

True botanicals has an almost cult following among clean beauty bloggers in the US…I know I am a groupie!

This brand is already pretty established, they recently got investment from the personal care giant – Unilever. Once of the things I like about it is that It has a very strong stance on Safe – not just natural or organic but they use MADE SAFE, which is an independent body that reviews all the components of the products and provides a comprehensive nontoxic certification. They make a good point about businesses needing to commit to third-party product safety testing that proves their products don’t contain hidden, harmful chemicals even if all the ingredients are natural.

The Products – Shampoo, Conditioner and body washtrue-botanicals-beauty-heroes

The Hero is the shampoo & conditioner:This is a natural shampoo that lathers well – unusual! After you rinse it off and your hair is still wet it doesn’t feel silky but as soon as it is dry it feels great – this seems to be something I found across many non-toxic shampoos. The scent is subtly unisex with a bit of citrus fruit, ylang ylang, sweet violet and mimosa – delicious.

I wrote more about these in another post where I compare my favourite shampoo and conditioners.

The sidekick is a lovely, luxurious body wash. The scent is woody yet fresh with a hint of citrus. Leaves the skin feeling moisturized.

The packaging of these products is great – stainless steel bottles with pump but also come with a lid for traveling or so you can reuse them.

Verdict: In terms of product performance these are great and they are lovely to use because of the scent. They do retail at around 30 USD each – I would pay this for the Shampoo & Conditioner but not for the body wash unless I wanted to treat myself…it happens – occasionally!

Month 3: Ayuna

The brand: a scientific approach to natural beauty

Ayuna is a high luxury green beauty brand. They describe themselves as having a slow but intentional approach to aching. It was founded in Spain by a master esthetician – Begona Sanjuan and Isabel Ramos a green chemist and formulator. They use a scientific approach to formulate this botanical line. They only have 6 products in the line – their ethos is to simplify the routine and give the skin only exactly what it needs.

The Products – Day Cream and Body cream 

The hero is the natural rejuvenating treatment – there are two textures. This is the lighter one.

The lighter one is definitely more suited to the humid climes of Hong Kong. It is a hydrating formulation that is scientifically advanced using natural probiotics. It is vegan and has amazing ingredients like cotton stem cell extracts and carrot root. It also has firming and restorative properties – I have really seen the difference.

The sidekick is the body cream which smells similar to the face cream. It has calendula to calm the skin, jojoba to nourish and feels silky smooth to put on – my skin always seems to want more!

Verdict: I love the face cream, it is light, hydrating, smells of pears and the packaging is gorgeously simple but it is very expensive. I don’t normally spend this type of money on my beauty products. I am absolutely sure I will miss it once I run out but I probably won’t buy it again – maybe a Christmas present….

Month 4: Josh Rosebrook

The brand – getting to the bottom of non-toxic

Another brand that the American beauty blogger rave about! This also very much high end performance skincare. Josh Rosebrook started out with hair products as he came from a salon background. Now he has a full range of hair and skin products. His products are famous for helping with inflammation – a major problem with aging skin. The line is very focused on plant based ingredient and how to harness the power of plants to achieve serious product performance.

The Products – Exfoliating mask, Hydrating mask and facial mistjosh-rosebrook-beauty-heroes

The hero is the Active Enzyme exfoliator – this is a mask that works for all skin types. It is grainy and smells like herbal/honey to me & it tastes pretty good (I am not recommending you eat it but if you managed to get some in your mouth don’t worry!). You apply it all over your face it has a texture like a scrub but you leave it on for as long as you can – I walk around the house doing other things and then you wash it off in the shower. It helps with cell turnover – the exfoliating function, it helps with skin congestion and has healing ingredients as well as brightening ingredients like turmeric.

The side kicks are the hydration mask and the accelerator facial mist – they are working to hydrate after the skin exfoliation immediately and over the course of the day by minimizing your skins trans epidermal water loss.

Verdict – the exfoliating mask is pretty impressive, it is on the pricey side but I really do love it and it leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. The hydration mask is lovely to use but I haven’t been using it long enough yet – jury still out!


Beauty Heroes is really a great service in terms of incredible products that are hand-picked for performance, ingredient safety and their impact on the environment and the community. I want to support businesses like this. On top of that you get a great deal every month the boxes are valued at over $90 but you pay around $40 plus shipping. A quick point here – I am not affiliated or paid – I am just a groupie! I do have a link..which everyone who is a subscriber gets (I will put details below if you are interested).

Honestly, I just like what they do. I understand that you might not be quite as hard core as me and may not need so many products but even if you don’t subscribe I recommend going to their site to see the products they are highlighting because many are really the best of the best.

If you click here to sign up and 3 or more do it I get a free month…again this is available everyone who signs up and is totally not the reason I am raving about them it is just an added perk.


  • Laura

    October 2, 2018

    Allie, This is a great idea. You don’t have to shop around and look for the best product only to find that it isn’t what they said it would be. Looks like Jeannie really hit on something big. And look at you. You were able to get pregnant and have such a lovely baby. Congratulations.

  • Guillermo

    October 2, 2018

    Wow, great review, I didn’t knew anything about these products they look like they are worthy of trying!
    I like the fact that they are trying to do a product taking in consideration the people who will use it and not only money.

    • Allie

      October 3, 2018

      Yes totally, important for people to think about what goes on their skin! Thanks for the comment.

  • Tohin

    October 2, 2018

    These are some great collections of clean beauty products, especially in this era when the so-called organic products aren’t even close to it.
    It seems like “beauty hero product” is indeed a useful tool/organization to discovering them. and yeah, I love Made Safe certified products too, which means I wouldn’t mind checking them out.

    • Allie

      October 3, 2018

      I totally agree there is a lot of greenwashing going on – I have another post dedicated to this if you are interestedGreen washing in beauty
      Thanks for your comment & very happy to hear you use the made safe certification as a guide – it’s great!

  • Blanka

    October 2, 2018

    This is an excellent review. I love natural products and am trying to replace all the products I used before. It seems like Beauty Heroes has great products, I love their ingredients and will look closer into it. Thanks for the valuable information!

    • Allie

      October 3, 2018

      Thank you so much Blanka. Beauty heroes is great but do let me know where you are in the world and I can try to connect you with a good stockist locally.


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