Interview series – Gabriela Rosa of Natural fertility breakthrough

Switch for good – Chatting with Gabriela Rosa of Natural fertility breakthrough.

I want to highlight some amazing women and men who are all truly inspirational in their very own unique ways. Each one has had a different journey to cleaning up their cosmetics & in most cases their lives too – from infertility, disease, skin conditions or just a conviction it was the right thing to do.

I hope you will get some motivation, inspiration and general feel good factor from hearing their stories – that is certainly why I am doing it!

I couldn’t think of anyone better to kick off with than Gabriela Rosa. Because Gabriela is why I am here at all. She was the one that introduced me to the world of clean everything – food, household appliances, cleaning products and of course cosmetics.

Gabriela Rosa is a fertility specialist, naturopathic doctor and founder of Natural Fertility She has helped thousands of couples around the globe get that long awaited baby of their dreams. It is her and her team are who held our hands throughout our fertility journey.

Gabriela is a clean living champion who is enthusiasm and energy is totally infectious.

I got to interview Gabriela over the phone so if you would like to hear the full interview, then please go to the bottom of the page – great to be able to hear her enthusiasm and energy directly.

If not below are her answers to my key questions:

You inspire, motivate and cajole so many others to change their lives – what inspired you to do it in the first place?

I have been doing this for a very long time – about 20 years. It has been a part of my life. I went from high school straight into studying natropathy. My family has always been very health conscious – eating very healthily, we had a good upbringing in that sense. It was just a way of life, a natural part of the process, if I want to make a difference in the world and even back then I knew that I did, I need to be healthy, well and able from a health and energy perspective to be able to do that. To this day I don’t drink alcohol or coffee because I know they are not good for me and I think they will impact my ability to make a difference in the world. I linked something that is not good for my health with my ability to do what I want to do in life and the legacy I want to create and it became a modus operandi – how I do things.

I have also been very aware of our environment and the things we put in our environment and the negative impact. Not just cosmetics but cosmetics is a very important aspect because many people, especially women often use 10 different products before they even get out of the house in the morning. It really does make such a big difference to our overall health and knowing that so many of the chemicals in all of these products are highly toxic, carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting etc.

So for me that’s really how it started – I wanted to be as healthy as I can for as long as I can so this is how do I do that.

Why do you think people should clean up their cosmetics even if they are not trying to have a baby ?

I remember when I was very young, about 10 years old – it was the beginning of the sun safe campaign and I really didn’t want to wear sunscreen. I remember very, very clearly thinking if it is going to take 20 years for me to develop skin cancer what’s the point of me wearing sunscreen anyway but of course we grow up and in reality, time passes anyway.

Sunscreens are a good example as there are so many studies that many of the ingredients that are found in commercially available sunscreens are so very very toxic for our health in general and cause all sorts of issues. All you have to do is go to skin deep database and search by chemicals you can see that many of them have incredible, deep, lasting impact on health, cancer being one of them.

Right now, my Dad has been diagnosed with cancer and is going through treatment. I can’t help but think couldn’t we have done something different from an epigenetic perspective, how the body gets triggered by these chemicals and components to create a problem. This problem has been going on for a very long time, it hasn’t just happened overnight.

The problem with these cosmetics and the bio accumulation with those chemicals in the body – they don’t get detoxified easily, the bio accumulation happens over years and years of use. It’s like me, the 10-year old, thinking that if it is going to take 20 years for this to be a problem then why bother but the fact is, if you had said to my dad 20 years ago – you can do these things and prevent developing cancer altogether – of course he would have jumped on that.

The fact is we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. Cosmetics and any other situation where you are doing something to your body that you know will have long term consequences – there is no such thing as a free lunch – they are going to catch up with you at some point. Cosmetics are no different and the chemicals associated with them.

We need to think more broadly in terms of the impact. Stop thinking it’s so far away, it doesn’t matter if I do this little bit here because ultimately it accumulates and the time passes anyway. And one day you will wish you had taken a different course of action but in many cases it will be too late.

So that’s the key thing that people need to think about.

What do you think people on your programme find the most difficult to change lifestyle wise and why?

Actually, once people have got their heads around it, especially on the programme, the product side of things is quite easy. What people really struggle with is the food, alcohol, coffee – we have emotional attachments to food.

We get used to anything, as human beings we have this amazing ability to adapt and adjust and change everything we do by just changing one very simple thing which is the mindset. Once we link a why to that, or even better many whys – sometimes it takes writing down 200 benefits of doing a certain thing. It is amazing how much improvement you can have in behavioural modification – people have to be open-minded and willing.

People talk from ignorance, they haven’t done their research, they haven’t looked at the scientific journals to see what these things do to your health, they choose to just brush it under the carpet. And of course big businesses have a strong interests in continuing to sell people the dream that they need these products to live a happy life now and not to worry about the consequences in 20 years.

Do you have a personal care challenge?

I do! I was 19 when I had my first grey hair, I hate dying my hair – I don’t use that word lightly but I really can’t stand dying my hair. My hair is incredibly resistant to hair colour so most of the natural dyes don’t work. And the grey hairs are at the front of my head….so there is no hiding it and my hair grows super fast which makes it even worse.

So that’s my biggest challenge finding hair products that are natural and work for my hair.

What I do most of the time is I put coconut oil on it before I wash it. I use natural shampoo intermittently with less natural options to try to control my hair whilst minimizing the toxic load. Sometimes it is not possible to completely stop using something completely

What are your favourite skincare & makeup products at the moment?

I don’t use a lot of products, I keep things pretty simple, I have never been someone who wears a lot of makeup. For Skincare I am currently using Vanessa Megan products that I am liking.

One piece of advice for someone starting something new?

It is hard to pinpoint just one thing but I would say that don’t let fear get in your way!

If you would like to listen to our interview – click below – unfortunately we had a few tech issues and it is cut off before the end but you will get 20 mins of Gabriela’s energy and enthusiasm so I highly recommend giving it a listen!


I really want to thank Gabriela for her time – she is super busy with incredibly important work – helping couples who are struggling to bring healthy babies into the world through her comprehensive natural fertility breakthrough programme. If you are interested in what she does do check out her website natural fertility and register for her free online fertility challenge that will give you all the tools to start your new journey.

Also, if you are curious you can read about my own fertility journey here.

Thanks for reading and let me know if there is anyone in particular you would like to hear from!



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