A guide of what to check out at London’s first Indie Beauty expo

Indie Beauty Expo is coming to London next week – for anyone like me who is in the industry or a close follower this is very exciting! So far Indie beauty expo has only been in the US but their expansion to the UK and also Berlin next year shows the growing demand for consumers to buy natural, clean and also niche brands.

It is not just a trade show. There is also an opportunity for customers to come and try the products. All the brand founders will be there to talk to – this is an amazing opportunity to discover so many niche brands under one roof. I am going to be in London for it and really can’t wait!

What is the Indie beauty expo?

Indie Beauty Expo debuted in New York in 2015 and has been expanding ever since. The founders Jillian Wright and Nader Naeymi-Rad saw a gap in the market to help Indie brands connect with buyers, press, investors and consumers.

IBE’s mission is to provide a platform to recognize, showcase and celebrate independent beauty brands and to support the growth and success of the entrepreneurs behind them.

Now IBE includes a great publication platform Beauty Independent which provides amazing content on everything indie beauty related. They also have a summit which is a series to help entrepreneurs learn and grow.

Next stop we are hoping is Asia!

Which brands are exhibiting?

So for the first IBE in London there is a good line up of brands. Here are the ones I am keen to seek out!

Colour cosmetics

I love make-up and am increasingly impressed by clean beauty brand products – see my popular review on the best non-toxic foundations. So which brands am I most excited to see at IBE:


Axiology – I already own their lipstick but want to see what new shades they have. I love the packaging and creamy texture. It is not as long-lasting as some of the others I own but its great for a more natural look.



Hynt beauty – I am really excited by this one because I don’t have any of their products at the moment but have heard very good things about it. Like so many of these founders their purpose comes from conquering a personal challenge – the co founder Meryl after overcoming breast cancer wanted to make sure everything that went on her skin was as safe as possible. She couldn’t find high quality make up that met her standards so she started Hynt.


Some star products I am keen to try:

Hynt’s Sun Prep you can use it it as a light moisturizer or a primer before your foundation. Sun Prep uses non-nano titanium dioxide as a mineral barrier – I talk more about why that is important in my post on tinted moisturizer here.

Concealer – the formula uses botanical extracts and oils to help heal and protect the skin & comes very well regarded in terms of covering up dark circles which I expect to have a lot of with the jet lag from Hong Kong!


There is always so much choice when it comes to natural skincare. There are a lot of great brands and it takes time to give them all a good try – your skin needs to adjust to different ingredients and detox from things you were using before. Especially if you are using natural products for the first time. If you want to read about my tips on how to clean out your bathroom cabinet see my suggestions here.

So what am I excited to discover at IBE:

Le Prunier – I have heard a lot about Le Prunier. It is an American brand founded by 3 sisters. Through their family business and travelling with their father growing up they learnt about how in Asian culture the plum is seen as a super food with both health and beauty benefits. So they produced a facial oil – their only product but it has an immense reputation for immediate results. There is only one ingredient: Prunus Domestica Seed Oil


It is suitable for all skin types but supposedly especially for acne prone & extremely sensitive or allergy prone skin. It is also very versatile and can be used on your hair as well as you skin…I am very intrigued.

Gallinee – I have been following Gallinee for some time so am particularly excited to meet them in London. First of all I love their packaging & branding – clean, clear, simple with a twist. The founder discovered how a prebiotic and probiotic diet could improve the symptoms of her gluten intolerance and as a skincare formulator herself she decided to work on how to apply these properties to skincare.


These products work on the principle that they eradicate any harmful bacteria on our skin and culminate more of the good bacteria, helping to achieve a healthy balance – sounds good!

The founder Marie makes the interesting point that 200 years ago, skin concerns like Sensitive skin, Eczema or Acne didn’t exist. Pollution, but also our tendency to always over clean our skin kills bad bacteria but also good bacteria supporting your skin’s balance. Studies proved that within the 90% of bacteria eliminated by an antibacterial action, 50% of them are helpful bacteria. I am definitely very curious and I like the scientific approach.

Products I want to try: the foaming cleanser because I am always on the look out for a decently priced but effective cleanser. And I have heard this one works well to remove make up and cleanser – don’t want two steps! I have heard the cleaning bar for the body is good too.

I discovered Ayuna – Less is Beauty through Beauty-Heroes subscription box and really love their light face cream so interested to meet them in person and discover the rest of the luxury range.

Two brands that I discovered at NOPA in Hong Kong a few weeks ago are also exhibiting – Atlantis skincare & Dewi Skin. Very excited to see them. Atlantis skincare are handmade, all natural products that don’t use any water in the formulation. I have been using their eye cream which I really love. Zane who founded the brand bubbly enthusiasm for natural skincare is infectious! Dewi Skin is a skincare brand coming from Indonesia so really looking forward to seeing an Asian brand exhibiting in London.

I am also sure I will discover some other gems so can’t wait to walk around.

Why should you check it out?

Indie Beauty Expo is open to the public on 24th October from 5pm to 9pm at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. You do need to buy tickets in advance – £25 but don’t let that deter you – it will be a fun night discovering lots of exciting brands. And it is a great way to support the industry. You can book tickets here.

Even if you can’t go to IBE in London

There are two reasons to be excited:

1) Indie beauty is gaining traction and spreading globally. Clean beauty is most established in the US but Australia also has many brands. Europe is catching up and Indie Beauty Expo coming to London is a great example of this. Also, the retailer feelunique has done a collaboration with IBE to sell some of the brands on it’s platform – for more info of which brands see here – Clove and Hallow is one of them – I LOVE my lipstick from them, such great lastability & colour.

2) I will be able to help those of you who live in the UK and find it hard to source some brands I review:)

Let me know if there is anything in particular you want me to check out?

Thanks, Allie


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