My Clean Cosmetics – Organic, natural, non-toxic beauty favourites

I thought it might be helpful for me to do a list of all the products we use at the moment at home. This is just a list of things we use daily, I will continue to update as we change and as new products move through the research, testing, using and then into the regular daily routine.

The links are aimed at people shipping to Hong Kong – we buy a lot of things on iherb so would work for USA too and one other shop I use is in the UK but they ship to Hong Kong.

If you are somewhere else do get in touch and I can try to help you source them.

Makeup – my clean routine

I have quite a lot of clean makeup now… I love that I am getting quite the collection! Here I am just listing my absolute favourites.

Foundation – I did a full review on this and I chop and change depending on how I am feeling but my favourite has to be Gressa serum foundation for the sheer ease of application and the even finish.

ConcealerRMS un cover up concealer

Blush – Inika blush pot in rosy glow

Mascara – this is still a work in progress to find an absolute favourite but I quite like 100% Pure fruit pigment lengthening

Eye shadowInika pressed powder duo in chocolate and coffee

EyelinerEre Perez Jojoba oil eye pencil in brown

Lipstick – a girl can definitely not have only one favourite, here is my full review.…Axiology fundamental is my newest addition.

Skincare – my current clean favourites

Really experimenting here but right now with the humidity being high I have a very simple routine.

Cleanser – Acure brilliantly brightening cleansing gel

Toner – Siam S.E.A.S heal and hydrate toner

Serum – Biyi Supercharge serum

SPF – from my tinted moisturiser W3ll people bio tint or from Miessence Reflect balm

I have just signed myself up to Beauty Heroes – It is a subscription box that you get once per month to discover some incredible products – you get one full size hero product and one side kick in smaller size. The products are all very clean – definitely worth a try. They ship to most countries for $18.95 and seeing as you are getting $90 value for $38 even with the shipping it is a great deal – sign up here

Hair & Body – my clean essentials

Shampoo – just starting to use Acure organics clarifying shampoo with lemongrass and argan

Conditioner – partner to the above Acure organics clarifying conditioner

Body wash – Attitude blooming belly natural body wash but I don’t like the smell so getting through it and then will update with a new one!

Moisturiser – very lazy with this….I use one coconut oil but am on the hunt for something new.

Deodorant – Zero yet 100 – a small Hong Kong brand that I have just discovered. It works really well.

Toothpaste – Periobrite Natural brightener, it’s colour is a bit off-putting (it’s brown) but the taste is a pleasant mint flavour with no nasties.

Sunscreen – Miessence Reflect balm for the face & think baby or think sport for the body

Men’s shaving soap – Dr Bronners Shaving soap

Baby essentials – no harmful nasties

Nappy creamBabo Botanics

Shampoo & Body wash/bubble bath – read my full review here. Currently we are using Babo botanics fragrance free but has completely no scent so sometimes we want something smelling lovely so also have Alma Shampoo & body wash

Mosituriser – we use coconut oil mainly but we live in Hong Kong humidity so dry skin is not a problem at the moment.

Sunscreen – read my full review here. We are mainly using think baby at the moment.

Mosquito repellent – it really depends on the risk you are exposed to, I have full details here

Other Eco baby products I love

Reusable nappies

Bambino mio have two types – all in ones and pre fold. They are both Velcro which now if she wants to be annoying she can undo but she only does this when we are putting it on. Once it is on she never touches it (so far anyway). I have used mainly the pre fold ones – you buy a couple of outers (we don’t need to wash these that much) and then many more of the pre fold cotton inners since the little one was about 6 weeks old (before that there was just tooo much poooo….).

Charlie banana these are poppers instead of Velcro so she wouldn’t be able to get them undone. They also have adjustable legs so they can expand as they grow.

I would say overall so far I prefer the bambino mio but we are only at 1 year and these have to keep going for another 12 months I guess….so only time will tell.

Bath toys

Bath toys can get really grotty…stinky, moldy and generally pretty yucky and that is before you look at what most of them are made of. We have bought some great natural rubber ones that don’t have any holes so they don’t clog up with water and get moldy. Lots of options just want to be sure they are made of natural rubber like Caaocho

I have included affiliate links so if you do want to try something if you click through from this site and purchase then I will get a small commission. As I have mentioned before this NEVER influences what I use and recommend.


  • Nikki

    May 15, 2018

    What a great insight into how to live a better more natural life! The planet already thanks you!.

    • Allie

      May 15, 2018

      Aww Nikki! Thanks very sweet. xx

  • Frieda Huang

    May 16, 2018

    Great stuff, so helpful for people want to make a start!

    • Allie

      May 16, 2018

      Thanks Frieda! I definitely know the feeling – sometimes the research and even the reading takes too much time and energy and you just want a product to try! xx

  • Petronella

    May 22, 2018

    Allie your blog is truly amazing and the information is so so important

    • Allie

      May 23, 2018

      Thanks so much Petronella!


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