Natural Cosmetics in Asia

I am just back from London where I attended the first Indie Beauty Expo outside of the US. In the natural beauty industry there was palpable excitement. Indie Beauty Expo has been going since 2015 in the US and the organisers Jillian Wright & Nader Naeymi-Rad have really spearheaded the Indie beauty movement with many different initiatives outside of the expo including Beauty Independent a great industry publication covering new launches, investment information, trends and as well as many ways to support indie brands along their journey – it is a fantastic initiative and it is helping to democratise the beauty industry.

Now back in Hong Kong and enjoying getting back into my routine. It is busy season because in 2 weeks we have the biggest week of the year for Beauty here – Cosmoprof Asia & the Sustainable beauty summit. I am really looking forward to bringing you the latest information and innovations from natural cosmetics in Asia.

Indie Beauty Expo


I wrote a post a few weeks ago about what I was looking forward to at IBE London and it didn’t disappoint. I feel like I could have had more time to really meet more brand owners, it’s so lovely to be able to talk to the founders and hear their inspiration and challenges.




Gosh where to start this is absolutely the biggest event in the industry and certainly not focused on natural beauty but as a nod to the growth potential they do have a small dedicated section which is where I will be focusing my time.

Cosmoprof is interesting as it mixes aw materials and ingredients, manufacturers, suppliers, packaging as well as brands so it really straddles the whole value chain.

I have a long list of brands I want to meet – hear about their exciting innovations in Natural beauty space.

I will definitely come back here to talk about the innovations I spotted at the Expo.

Sustainable Beauty Summit

This one is really exciting, a conference dedicated to sustainability and natural cosmetics!

This summit is hosted by Ecovia who are specialist research, consulting & training company that focuses on the global sustainable product industries. This is the 6th Asian summit they have done. It covers all sorts of interesting topics – some I am most looking forward to are below:


Sustainable development

Firstly, all about sustainable development– a very hot topic at the moment! In my coworking space I feel like everyone is working on a plastic free initiative! Of course it goes a lot further than plastic free so I am looking forward to hearing about the positive impacts of companies focusing on sustainability, innovative ways to tackle ocean plastics and new packaging options!

But of course, sustainability is not just about the environment it is also about other aspects of the supply chain – sourcing of raw ingredients and how people are treated all along this process.

Natural Beauty market in Asia

Next a deep dive into the Asian natural beauty market – there are so many exciting trends that I am seeing especially how the well established health and wellness space is really focusing in on personal care and beauty – lots of opportunities for brands and more choice for consumers!

Natural ingredients

I always jump at the chance to learn more about natural ingredients – I am still no expert. In fact I am seriously considering doing a formula botanica skincare formulation foundation course….not to create my own brand but to really understand more about the benefits of the ingredients in the products I try.

At the summit they are going to take a look at the latest advances in functional natural skincare ingredients as well as novel actives from plant cells! Sounds very interesting!

Another area which has massive potentially globally is Halal cosmetics – I will be very interested to hear about which ingredients are permitted and which are forbidden. And hear more about this growing sector of the community.

Finally a look at Sustainable ingredients – I think this is a key area for the future – consumers are currently focused on packaging but as they become more aware that natural doesn’t necessarily mean sustainable. So it is important that manufacturers look at their ingredients from a longer term view.

Dewi from Skin Dewi will be coming to speak which I am really looking forward to – we have met at the Natural and Organic product expo in Hong Kong and also at Indie Beauty in London and I know how passionate she is about education – so can’t wait to hear what she has to say on exciting natural ingredients she is working with.

Green certification schemes

Another interesting topic that I want to do a whole post about is the different certifications that brands can apply for in the natural space. What do they all mean and is their an ultimate one to trust from a consumer perspective?

These are the main certifications I have come across in relation to the product ingredients are:

COSMOS – Natural & Organic

SOIL Association

USDA Organic


EWG Verified

These are just some of them. They all have varying standards and criteria. And very importantly I think there is a very low awareness among consumers of what these all mean and there is no global standard. So there is a lot of education to be done.

If you are interested in this summit you can still get tickets at & if you want further any more information such as a detailed agenda, please get in touch with



There is a lot going on in the Natural beauty space at the moment – not only are new brands coming on to the market every week but also there is more support for the industry in general and consumers are increasingly making the switch to natural beauty and personal care. Of course product safety is a huge motivator for this but supporting smaller businesses who really have their consumers at the heart of everything they do is also crucial, I can’t wait to come back in a few weeks with all the details of what I have heard in these forums especially in relation to natural cosmetics in Asia.

In the meantime do let me know if you have any specific questions.



  • Tohin

    November 3, 2018

    Since there isn’t a standard as to what is natural or not in the cosmetic and beauty industry, finding an actual so-called all-natural product or brand to trust is not always an easy feat. Which means, often times, a lot of research needs to be done in other to verify ones doubt.

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, I think I also need to do a course as well and will be checking out the “Formula Botanica” that you linked in your post.

    Do have a great time at the summit, and I also can’t wait for your article on the goodies from it!

    • Allie

      November 4, 2018

      Hi Tohin, thanks for this message.So glad you are interested and do look at the formula botanica website its super interesting.


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