Natural treatments for dry skin

Dry skin is a big topic as the weather becomes colder in many parts of the world. If we don’t pay attention, our skin will react to the changes in environment and we will end up with all sorts of possible problems. I know I am prone to dry, flaky skin as soon as the environment dries up.

Do you change your skincare depending on the season? My guess is no! Well you should consider it and this is why….

Changing your skincare products for the season


A humid climate like Hong Kong and much of South East Asia softens skin and make it easy to maintain moisture, but a dryer climate will dehydrate the skin, making more likely to show fine lines and wrinkles. When I went to the UK recently just the plane flight and 2 days in I had skin peeling off around my nose…eeek.

In Summer, you are likely to be more exposed to the sun as well as other elements like chlorine or salt from swimming which can irritate the skin. Also, things like air conditioning can be very drying but if you don’t use air conditioning you are going to sweat constantly which will clog the pores….there is no winning!

Autumn however brings a different set of dilemmas – wind and temperature variation. Our skin needs to adapt to these changes so in order to help this process we should change our skincare products.

There are some steps I suggest going through.

Know your own Skin

Knowing your own skin and how it changes in different environmental changes is important. Here are 3 things to identify that will help you to then keep your skin looking its best.

Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin

Firstly is your skin dry or is it dehydrated? This is something you might not have really thought about before…but there is a difference and it will impact which products you should use.

Dry: It will feel rough and potentially flaky. The worst areas are typically near the eyebrows and around the corners of the nose and mouth. This means your skin lacks oil.

Dehydrated: It will look dull and feel tight. Also redness, lots of congestion, and inflammation. This means your skin lacks water.

TEST YOURSELF: If its wrinkling with gentle pressure instead of holding its shape, your skin cells are desperate for water (dehydrated). If it is flaky and rough it is dry and needs oil!

Look out for these Superpower ingredients

What are some superpower ingredients that will help you to hydrate your skin. Some of this list comes from Beauty Heroes website where they have a great list covering different needs from hydrating to anti aging.



Aloe Vera

Argan Oil

Borage Oil

Coconut Oil

Sea Buck thorn Oil

Sunflower Seed Oil

Olive Oil

Avocado Oil

Hyaluronic Acid

Rose Oil

Macadamia Nut oil

Plant butters are another excellent choice to nourish and replenish dry skin. Rich butters such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba butter. They all provide a good dose of emollient benefits, and can help boost skin’s ability to prevent moisture loss. Holding on to moisture is key to stopping the cycle of dry skin.

Generally I think it better to avoid this altogether but especially if you have dry skin: retinoids, benzyl peroxide, alcohol, salicylic acid, fragrances, and preservatives.


Changing your products with the season

Exfloliating: Why scrubbing off the dead skin is so important

Exfoliating is a great way to help prevent dry skin because we have a layer of dead cells all over our skin. Exfoliating gently removes the layer of dead cells and help the look and feel of the skin. I often exfoliate my face but can forget about the rest of my body. It is very easy to use a home made exfoliant – olive oil and sugar or salt will do the trick. Use a long brush to get those hard to reach places on your back, it really helps circulation.

Cleaner – this is an interesting one and not something I had thought about until recently. In Summer a clarifying cleanser is usually better because we sweat and spend lots of time outdoors but in autumn and winter you should use a milder cleanser to avoid drying your skin out. After cleansing think about how your skin feels – does it feel tight and dry? A cleansing oil might be an idea to help keep avoid your skin getting too dry vs. gel or foaming cleansers. Also you could skip your cleanser in the morning altogether…controversial I know!

Toner – a key point is avoid alcohol-based toners, as alcohol is drying to the skin. For winter use something that calms and soothes skin.

Moisturizer – this is always a hot topic but definitely a heavier moisturizer is sensible. But if you have identified your skin as lacking in oil – dry then you can add a facial oil to your cleanser to give your skin that added boost or just choose a moisturizer which is super rich in natural oils.

If you have dehydrated skin then what about a facial mist for use throughout the day – it can give you that pick me up you need.

Anytime you add a product or change your routine, your skin will need to adapt and this takes time. Make product changes slowly. Don’t change all the products at once – start with the cleanser and give that a week then change your toner etc.

Product recommendations

For Dry Skin, mature and sun damaged skin


Inlight Beauty Deep Moisture – this product is a skin super food. There is no water in this product, just packed full of luxurious oils – perfect for super dry skin. It also has shea butter and macadamia oil which give an extra boost of moisturization. To help skin that is showing signs of aging – sagging, fine lines and general dullness it has evening primrose, rosehip, and carrot oils.

This is a British brand – available in the UK at Fenwicks and various other retailers.

Australia – Be Naturally You

USA – Beauty Heroes



Ayuna’s Natural Rejuvenating Treatment Cream – it is a hydrating formulation that is scientifically advanced using ayuna-creamnatural phyto-peptides and plasmas. It has firming and restorative properties with amazing ingredients like cotton stem cell extracts and carrot root. While rich in nutrients, its light application makes skin feel soft and moisturized. I have found my skin to be more supple and revitalized since using this cream.

I have only used the light cream but for the depths of winter and really dry skin the rich cream would be the one to go to.

USA – Beauty Heroes

Hong Kong – Beautysaur

Of course masks are a crucial part of the routine all year round but they are essential in the colder months. On my recent trip to the UK I religiously used my Josh Rosebrook Hydration mask and it really helped my skin normalise.


Knowing your skin type is crucial to avoiding or sorting skin issues you may have. Dry is very different from dehydrated and needs oil based vs. water based products. This is key.

Also adapting your products and routine for the seasons is also sensible – I certainly eat more soup and comforting dishes in the cold weather vs. more salads in the summer so it all makes sense. Just like looking at your skincare in general I believe going focusing on products with the super food ingredients are the ideal natural treatments for dry skin.






  • Victor

    November 8, 2018

    This article was very helpful for me actually, since the beginning of the year i’ve been having a skin problem in my face below my eyes and nose, like the skin is coming out! I’ve been using something my girlfriend gave me which it works but only for a period of time so basically i have to use everytime my skin is like that which is almost everyday 3 days.
    Now i know the problem is lack of oil, thank you very much for help!
    Wish you the very best and good luck in your work!

    • Allie

      November 10, 2018

      Thank you Victor – really glad you found it helpful. Let me know how it goes.


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