No resolutions for 2019

I have been asked so many times during January what are my new year’s resolutions for 2019. I often have found my self stumped. Firstly by a feeling of inadequacy – I did think about these resolutions but I can’t remember them….I am sure I wrote them down but where! Gosh I am useless how am I supposed to stick to them if I can’t even recall them when someone asks me!

But then I started to think about it and I decided my answer is actually that I don’t have any major new things to tick off. I just want to continue in the direction I set for myself last year. This may sound like I have everything sorted….far from it but I do feel like I am in a groove and honestly just keeping myself on track to make lots of consecutive, little decisions every day will be more beneficial to me than trying to do something drastically new. And above all having an attitude that I am doing OK and not constantly criticising myself for not doing more, better, quicker. Increasingly I realise how much of a marathon life is and we are all here for the (hopefully) long journey.


As with most of the people I know health always plays a big part of new year’s resolutions. Ever since Xiaoxi was born (well from a few months in) I have been going to the gym for classes twice a week – this might not seem a lot to some but that is 18 months of solid gyming….more consistent than I have ever been about exercise (apart from horse riding!) in my life. I started with baby wearing classes with Xiaoxi strapped on which she LOVED – bouncing around while I sweated and my legs burned with squats.

But then she got too heavy! And honestly I wanted to get on with it by myself so I joined the morning boot camp which involved weight lifting! I just laughed the first time….never in my life had I thought I would be deadlifting anything let alone 40kg….???? but I am in a rhythm and I actually look forward to my 7.30am classes…

Of course I want to do more. Move from twice a week to 3 times but I am going to do that when I can and not beat myself up about it when I don’t get to it. Oh and forcing myself to take the stairs whenever there is the opportunity….well if it is 3 flights or fewer!


As I have written about on here before, through our journey to getting pregnant with Xiaoxi we changed our lifestyle in terms of food and drink but also what we cooked in, how we stored our food, where we put our phones at night and many more things.

After Xiao xi was born although we maintained much of these lifestyle changes some things slipped….nothing like not having a strong motivation driving you every day or a nutritionist checking up on you regularly….so gluten, dairy and sugar crept their way back in to my diet. Not in excessive quantities but I was relaxed about what I was eating and honestly it was lovely to not think about it for a while.

But now I am back on track because I want to get my body back to it’s super healthy state. I know it is not optimal right now because things I used to suffer from have come back – leg aches are one example, whilst I was on the pre baby health kick, for 2 years I didn’t get any leg aches and now I get them about once a week. I don’t know what it is but it must be something to do with an imbalance that regulated with a different diet and/or vitamin supplements.

I want to have another baby and knowing it will not just happen I am motivated to get myself back into the best possible position to hopefully make the journey smoother!


I know how cruical mindset is to everything from doing a chin up to having a sucessful business so it is now something I work on consciously and regularly.

I wrote a post last year about being satisfied with our lives and I am constantly reminding myself of the main messages. These were the actions I gave myself coming out of that post back in August 2018:

– Make some time for myself each morning – even if it is 5 mins with a journal

– Plan my week with goals and downtime & review them

– Spend time each day with my daughter completely undistracted

– Write a gratefulness journal at night

– Persistantly and patiently banish those self-limiting thoughts of dissatisfaction & focus on committing to the plan

I haven’t managed the gratefulness journal but I am much more aware of how grateful I am to have special people in my life, to have the opportunities and support that I do and for many many other things as well. So maybe I don’t feel I have to write it down right now but when a tough situation arises as of course it will maybe I will go back to this very therapeutic ritual.


So 2019 you are a full month in already and it has been a fabulous month with lots of potential opportunities many of them have not quite eventuated yet but I am keeping that mind open and positive.

The rest of the year is bound to be quite the ride with some potential major changes ahead as well as possible tough emotional challenges. But I am going to do my best to banish those negative, self limiting thoughts and focus on what I can do one step at a time to get where I want to go.

Not preparing myself for the worst as a form of self-protection but preparing myself for the best because positivity is contagious.

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