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Christmas is upon us! Some of my friends already have all their Christmas presents bought and wrapped! Others will probably get them on the 24th…whatever your Christmas buying rituals this year there will be more people looking to natural and clean beauty than ever before. I have had so many people asking what are the best organic natural beauty products for them to put on their Christmas wish lists that I decided I would write this post as a way to gather my thoughts both for them and myself! Probably too late for some…. there are always the Jan sales!

So, my organic beauty gift guide will be a combination of my Wishlist from around the world and then my suggestions for those just starting out on their clean beauty journey!

Why switch to natural beauty this Christmas?

There are so many reasons I have already explore on this blog but as a quick recap my key reasons to switch are:

1. Why not? If there is no compromise on efficacy why wouldn’t you buy from brands focusing on ingredients that enhance, repair and nourish your skin vs. brands who use cheap synthetic fillers and fragrances?

2. It’s easy at every price point – not all natural products are very expensive – see my guide for those on a budget.

3. Supporting small businesses who care about the environmental impact of their products and you are supporting individual founders on a mission to improve the beauty industry for the better.

4. Safer for you and your family – Questionable chemicals to avoid

What’s on my Christmas wish list?

Oooh so many things. I am actually not (much to your surprise I imagine) a beauty junkie. I don’t like having too many products on the go at once – less is more. But I still have a wish list of things I absolutely must try! Some are difficult to get in Hong Kong so I have to go to great lengths to get them….or put them on my Christmas wish list and hope Father Christmas finds a way!

Clean Make-up

I am always keen on discovering clean makeup because it often gets a bad wrap in terms of efficiency, but I really believe the formulas are getting so good, so I want to spread the word about products I love.

Crunchi Foundation – Beautifully Flawless Foundationcrunchi-product_foundation-organic-beauty-gift

I have wanted to try this for ages, but they don’t ship outside the US and you need a US credit card to purchase on their site…but where there is a will there is always a friend! I am just not sure which shade 2 or 2.5

Crunchi is another clean beauty brand like Beautycounter which is consultant led – helping to spread clean beauty through word of mouth!

This foundation is iconic in natural beauty circles and is supposed to be a green dupe for Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation.


Sappho Essential foundation – This one has been on my radar for some time and I met the brand at Indie Beauty Expo in London but I didn’t have time to get the product, so it is on my Christmas list. It is available on Beauty Heroes and they ship globally for a fee.

It is made with aloe vera so has moisturising properties as well as carrot seed oil a powerful ingredient used in anti-aging products. It is supposedly light to medium coverage. They have an impressive 12 shades!


Kosas tinted face oil – I am curious about this one. A tinted facial oil intrigues me. People have likened this to Gressa’s Serum foundation which I like a lot, but I do find it better in summer than in winter as when my skin has been dry it clings slightly to my dry patches. Kosas’ tinted face oil will be much lighter coverage than Gressa but still a very easy application. I might hold off on this one until I have got through my latest Gressa bottle.

Natural Blush

I need a new blush….but I am torn about the format – cream or powder. I would prefer something I can apply with my hands vs. a brush.

Two options I am tossing up are:

Kosas colour and light creme – 8th Muse – it is a cool pink which normally suits me, and it can be a highlighter and blush, always a bonus.


Kjaer Weis – I love their cream foundation which I reviewed here and have tried their blush in a shop and loved the colours and the texture. I just have a reservation about it only because the packaging is super heavy. I carry the cream foundation with me but having the blush too might be overload! Oh and it is a luxury price point.

Natural Lipsticks – no one ever has enough lipsticks!

Kosas lipsticks – I have one red lipstick by Kosas which I like but I don’t wear bright red lipstick too regularly. So thinking I a pale pink might be nice like stardust.

Clove and Hallow – I love my flamingo lipstick from clove and hallow. Despite being pretty bright it is really a fantastic shade. I would like to try Blooming which is a bright fusia pink. Or I am also tempted by a nude like frosting.

Kjaer Weis – I have empower which I am not 100% in love with, it is a bit of a flat and cool tone for me, I want something with more punch. So, I might get Brilliant or Honour refill and switch it out for a while – the best thing about refillable lipsticks!

stardust-Kosas Lipstickclove-hallow-lipstick-frosting


Outside of the US where all these are readily available. Content Beauty Well Being has Kjaer Weis and they ship globally. Clove and Hallow do ship globally from their website and they are available on Feelunique in certain markets. Kosas is available on net a porter shipping globally.

Clean Skincare

Oh gosh I have a pretty long list of just makeup…!!! Skincare gets really tricky because it really depends on your skin needs.

I am going to address a few key skin types:

Clean Skincare for Dry Skin

In winter my skin definitely dries up. I did a dedicated post on dry skin and changing seasons. Certainly, if you are worried about your dry skin you need to do a few key things that are out lined in the post. But in terms of product recommendations I would suggest:


Ayuna’s Natural Rejuvenating Treatment Cream – it is a hydrating formulation that is scientifically advanced using natural phyto-peptides and plasmas. It has firming and restorative properties with amazing ingredients like cotton stem cell extracts and carrot root. It would be a good Christmas present as it is pretty pricey.

In Hong Kong you can get this from Beautysaur and they ship globally from their website.


Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm cream is on my list to try for our winter break back in the UK over Christmas. I love his hydration mask, but I would love a leave on product to really help my skin keep from flaking off! This balm is supposed to be a combination of balm and a cream. They have a small size and a little goes a long way apparently!

Available from Content Beauty Wellbeing in UK and they ship internationally.

Natural Skincare for Combination skin – Oily on T zone

Pai Skincare – Geranium & Thistle re balancing Day cream – it is designed to clear and re balance oily and t zone skin. It is a non-clogging formula. Available on Content Beauty in UK and Beautysaur in Hong Kong.


Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin Brightening light day cream – Honey in general is great for Oily skin. It also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to help reduce blemishes. Honey is also a natural humectant, so it helps keep the skin moist but not oily.


Osmia Balance Facial Serum – this is a herbal treatment to help your skin balance its own sebum production. Black cumin seed oil is calming for overactive or problem skin. It is supposed to calm irritated skin and reduce oiliness.



This is my organic beauty gift guide (hint to my family reading this;) and also hopefully helpful for those stuck for Christmas ideas. These are some of the Best Organic Natural Beauty Products for people with different skin types – so if you are buying a present all you have to do is get their skin type right! Not too hard right?

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