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The best products to prevent stretch marks naturally

Stretch marks are a hot topic. Many women dread them and as soon as they get pregnant they are researching how to avoid them! Others don’t think about them until it is too late!  Also there is the controversy over how much topical creams or oils…


What are the best Natural Baby products 2018?

As soon as you announce you are pregnant people have lots of advice about what you need and what you don’t. Honestly from my experience it is very personal what you will and won’t use – who knew my husband and I would become addicted to…


Mineral oil vs Baby Oil – Are they safe?

Mineral oil vs baby oil – what it is the difference and are they ok to use on my little one? Baby oil is mineral oil with added fragrance. Mineral oil is also labeled as paraffin or petroleum. Mineral oil is an ingredient widely used in the…