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The best products to prevent stretch marks naturally

Stretch marks are a hot topic. Many women dread them and as soon as they get pregnant they are researching how to avoid them! Others don’t think about them until it is too late!  Also there is the controversy over how much topical creams or oils…


Natural treatment for skin rashes in babies

Skin rashes are so common – we often get something cropping up and we have no idea what has caused it, it might go away quickly, it might reoccur or it might be something that never goes away. Many of us live with them for years…


Cloth diaper rash cream – What works best?

Cloth diapering is not everyone’s cup of tea but generally those who do it are huge advocates. There are many things to consider when you are deciding to use cloth diapers – aside from the actual diapers themselves, diaper cream is also an important consideration because…